Traffic Generation

This AdWords account has been built from scratch to promote client’s Amazon page. Therefore we are not able to track conversions and optimization has been running towards CTR and CPC. However feedback from the client has been very positive, including report of a significant increase in Amazon orders.

Client: US based e-commerce business

Targeting: US


  • bring relevant traffic to Amazon page
  • keep click through rate high
  • keep cost per click low

What we did

  • Analyzed client’s business opportunities and competition advertisement
  • Run keywords research, analysis & categorization
  • Created new campaigns following best practices:
    • Set up new campaigns following targeting criteria
    • Set up tightly themed ad groups
    • Created list of relevant keywords based on keywords research
    • Created extensive list of negative keywords to avoid irrelevant traffic
    • Created appealing ad copy with strong call to action
    • Placed 3 ads to every ad group to run A/B split test
    • Applied all possible extensions to make client’s ads more visible and clickable
  • Set up a long-term optimization plan

Optimization progress

1st month

Ongoing optimization includes:

  • Adding new relevant keywords and refining the list of regular keywords
  • Using more precise keywords match type
  • Regularly deleting keywords with low Quality Score and low CTR
  • Expanding negative keywords list
  • Creating new ad groups to keep keywords tightly themed
  • Removing low performing ads and replace them with new copy to keep A/B test running
  • Conducting bid experiments to test keyword performance with different ad position

3rd month

6th month


Metric Clicks CTR Cost per click Avg. position
1. month 2909 2.86% 1.20 3.1
3. month 5221 3.70% 1.16 2.8
6. month 6509 3.82% 1.12 2.8
Change* +123.8% +33.6% -6.6% -9.7%

*change between 1. and 6. month


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