How to Design a Good Banner – Part 2

Last week we discussed designing a good banner text, the importance of the right words and a call to actions. To master the art of banners however, you will also need to create banners…

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How to Design a Good Banner – Part 2

Last week we discussed designing a good banner text, the importance of the right words and a call to actions. To master the art of banners however, you will also need to create banners that are not only urgent but also visually appealing. That’s why now we’ll be talking about the fonts, graphics and colors.

Use Convincing Graphics

Graphics are used to grab the attention of the viewer using a combination of color and images that tie in to what is being sold. Try bringing some specific information along with the graphic. Not just something that looks nice. The kind of information that’s useful to the target audience. Something they will notice, and then act upon.

If you’re creating a banner for an online clothes store you will probably use some images of models wearing some of the clothes. That is fine. But it’s better to show the names of the products and the prices as well. That way the whole project is both pleasant on the eye and informative.

clothing company banner

Use Readable Font

Poor contrast, blurry letters, letters to small, too big, and so on are some examples of the fonts used these days that can be absolutely unreadable. Select only one or two fonts and preferably two fonts that complement each other.

Also take into account the audience you are appealing to. If, for example, your banner is to encourage older visitors to purchase, using a larger font size would make the message stand out and thus easier for them to take action.

Use Appropriate Colors

A lot of research has gone into understanding how we respond to colors and the impact it has on advertising. Using the correct color or combination of colors can increase your success rate by making your banner stand out from the rest.

Let’s have a look at some good examples:

  • Orange is great for all kinds of buttons. That’s because orange is the most noticeable color right after red. However, it doesn’t raise all the negative emotions that red sometimes does.
  • Blue is the most popular color that is associated with trust, dependability and commitment. Most investment companies, banks, insurance companies use blue for their corporate colors as a result, but not all blues are equal. Brilliant blues are dramatic and dynamic that encourages exhilaration.
  • Red is a stimulating color that is exciting, energetic and encourages confidence and action. Red is associated with danger, passion, stopping, love, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas (if used with green).
  • Yellow is mostly associated with sunshine, optimism, enlightenment and happiness. Yellow activates memory, encourages communication, and creative thought. Yellow is an excellent color for call to action buttons.
  • Green is the balancing color between the warm and cool colors in the color wheel. Green is the color of balance and harmony that helps to reduce stress. Most hospitals use green for this very reason.

Color Combinations

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) the highest visibility color combinations to use are those mentioned below. Even though these are recommended for outdoor advertising, the principles remain the same on a website, if not more so, as you need to stand out from all the other banner ads and content in a smaller space.

  • Black on yellow,
  • Black on white,
  • Yellow on Black,
  • White on blue,
  • Green on white.

If you enjoyed these last topics, come back for more next week!

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