How To Start Working With PPC Agency

Once a company, your company, decides to use an external PPC agency, things can seem at first much more difficult than simply having an internal employee do the job. This is why we prepared…

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How To Start Working With PPC Agency

Once a company, your company, decides to use an external PPC agency, things can seem at first much more difficult than simply having an internal employee do the job. This is why we prepared this quick 5-step guide that will help you to begin cooperation with an agency on the right foot and get the results you’ve only dreamed of before.


No agency will ever know your company better than you do even if it has worked in your market niche for some time. The best thing you can do to ensure good cooperation with a PPC agency is to share with them your point of view – on your company and on its goals, values, priorities etc. – as if it would with an internal employee. This way you not only ensure understanding of the desired goals, but also motivate the agency’s PPC specialists with the feeling that they are a part of the team.


Setting a goal may be the most difficult aspect of working with an external agency, but in fact you really don’t need to be a PPC guru to decide on one. The goal of your future advertising campaigns is not improvie PPC KPIs, but to improve your business; this is why the proposed goal can be articulated solely in business terms.

Let’s imagine that have you decided to try a PPC channel advertised by others but know nothing yet about the specifications of this channel. In such scenario, it would be a job of a PPC agency to help you to set goals based on the business’s expectations and the strategy of your company. The goals become more precise the more information that you share.

Thus vagueness is a common mistake in defining a goal examples being “more quality leads” and “cut spent in the current campaigns”. A very simple question will help you avoid this pitfall: “How wdo we define success?” The best option would be to set up a measurable goal, for example “increase ROI by 5% in a specific product group” or “get the same amount of leads with spend cut of 10%.”


If you’re planning long-term cooperation with a PPC agency (3 months and more) the process will be much clearer if you establish milestones on the road to the main goal. To begin with, such mini-goals can simplify tracking the progress of the job being done by the agency is doing. Second, mini-goals can help to prevent unnecessary tension caused by lack of results (for example if the existing campaigns would require a restructuring at the outset).


This point is in a way an extension of the previous one. You and your PPC agency should agree from the start what will be archived, step after step, and how fast you will get the result that agency is helping you to achieve.

At this point you should also put together a “What if?” plan – meaning that you and the PPC agency come to an agreement regarding what to do if the expected business results are not reached within the agreed-upon timeframe.


It is in particular your responsibility to decide how often you wish to be informed about the progress of the campaigns. The agency can, based on its experience, offer advice as to what format is the most suitable given the size of your campaigns, goals, follow ups etc. For some advertisers a monthly report is more than sufficient; others may prefer bi-weekly meetings.

Communication between you and your agency also includes how often the information will be flowing in the opposite direction as well. Unless some type of automation is used to receive updates from the internal database, your PPC agency needs to be informed about changes on the website or/and in the product. Make sure to inform the agency in the following cases:

  • Adding or deleting products, services or specific pages
  • Using or stopping a promotion or a special offer (free shipping, discounts, seasonal promotion etc.)

To summarize, the main points of getting off on the right foot and fostering cooperation with a PPC agency are transparency, communication and precise expectations. Nail these three and you’re definitely on the right track to improving your company with the addition of a new channel of customers.

For more information, continue reading about PPC Agency Benefits For SMB.

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