How Seductive Are Your Product Descriptions? Part 3

Do you want to sound like a big corporation? Or do you want to engage readers with personality and a dash of humor? Your tone of voice can differentiate you from your competitors; it…

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How Seductive Are Your Product Descriptions? Part 3

Do you want to sound like a big corporation? Or do you want to engage readers with personality and a dash of humor? Your tone of voice can differentiate you from your competitors; it gives readers a strong impression of your organization’s culture and personality.

Define Your Tone or Voice

Rather than say you’re fun to deal with, let your personality shine through your content and add some of humor. Rather than remark that your customer service is excellent, let your tone of voice demonstrate that you’re friendly, approachable, and interested in understanding your client’s business.

The descriptions below are for similar products, but they strike a completely different tone of voice:
Fuzzy Fleece Slippers on Zappos
Fuzzy Fleece Slippers on Zappos:

He’ll go wild for these super cute and fuzzy slippers from Hatley!

Slouch slippers feature a fuzzy fleece upper.

Fun 3‐D detail adds a bit of whimsy.

Flexible microsuede sole improves durability.

Furry Adventure Slippers on ThinkGeek:

Plus slippers turn your feet into furry adventure feet.

Have hairy feet and be adorable, not gross.

Great for hanging around the house or part as your furry adventure costume.

Love your slippers: Spot clean with a damp cloth.

One size fits most adult feet.

If you were going to speak to your buyer persona in real life, which tone would you strike? That’s the voice you want to emulate in your writing.

Create a Scannable Format

Research suggests that people read only 16% of the words on the average web page. To entice people to buy your product or trial your app, they probably need to read your copy. So how do you tempt people to stop skimming your page and start reading your content?

Let’s look at this example:

The product descriptions of UK‐based smoothie maker Innocent, follow the format of a straightforward headline, an engaging story, and bullet points that highlight three benefits. Their smallest font size is 16px, and they use a variety of colors to attract attention to their headline and bullet points. Plus, they use consumers’ reviews as a proof to all those information!
Innocent smoothie ad

To make your product descriptions easy to skim and easy to read, consider:

  • Subheadings to entice scanners to start reading,
  • Bullet points to attract attention to key points,
  • ­A large font to improve readability,
  • Video or photography to increase the desire to use or buy your product,
  • ­Plenty of white space to guide readers through your content and make your page a joy to read.

Web design and content writing should work together like yin and yang. They interact and strengthen each other.

Use Product Reviews

Including product reviews on your online store is a great way to engage customers, offer additional information on products and give potential customers reassurance on the quality of your products. Product reviews are a very valuable endorsement that instills a sense of confidence when contemplating a purchase.

A Few More Tips …

  • Avoid jargon unless you’re buyer uses jargon, too,
  • Consider using your key phrase in your headline, subheadings, and body text,
  • ­Optimize your product images by using your key phrase in the file name, image description, and alt tag.

Thinking too much about search engines kills your seductive powers because no one enjoys reading content that’s sagging under keyword sludge. Also remember to leave no customer questions unanswered! A brand new topic to come next week, stay tuned!

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