5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Is your business Mobile-Friendly? Google already deployed its mobile friendliness test for you to discover whether your business passes or not, but what’s important is that you know why you need to know. Being…

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Is your business Mobile-Friendly?

Google already deployed its mobile friendliness test for you to discover whether your business passes or not, but what’s important is that you know why you need to know.

Being mobile-friendly gives your business advantages, sure.

But to what degree?

Here are 5 specific reasons why your business should be mobile-friendly:

Reason #1: Bad Formatting Makes a Bad Impression

Admit it, nothing annoys you more than bad formatting.

Maybe the text is too small to read, the image is stretched out, or the whole block of text isn’t properly formatted. Whatever it is, you know these kind of things make a seriously bad impression.

Unfortunately, these kind of things are encountered more on mobile. This happens because business owners and marketers thought that what’s good on desktop is okay on mobile as well—or they are too lazy. What’s alarming is that this kind of problem isn’t exclusive to formatting. Get ready to experience snail-like page speed and videos that just won’t play.

Having a mobile-friendly content is the key. Don’t be lazy.

Reason #2: Google Says So

2 years ago, Google unrolled its ‘Mobilegeddon’ search engine update. This left business owners and marketers frantically shifting toward a mobile-friendly online ecosystem. Those who failed to update were penalized and suffered drops from their search rankings.


And as of this year, it seems like Google isn’t done with the mobile updates yet. It’s now moving to focus on mobile users first – that is a great business move if you know how many mobile users dominate the search engine usage when it comes to sheer numbers and activities.

If there’s one thing business owners and marketers have learned from Mobilegeddon, it’s that when Google says so, you don’t have any other choice but to comply.

Or suffer search ranking consequences.

Reason #3: Most Users Are on Their Phones

The domination of mobile device users when it comes to search engine and social media usage is unprecedented. In just few years, mobile users eclipsed desktop users: over 50% of search engine use was done on mobile devices.

Whether you like it or not, it’s a fact you have to accept and adapt to. As a business owner and as a marketer, you have to make sure your products and services are positioned at where the market is, and that is mobile.

In fact, this research shows that 80% of online users use mobile devices to shop online! It’s a prime opportunity to take a huge slice of the mobile user pie!

Reason #4: All The Action is on Mobile

As if sheer number isn’t enough, studies upon studies show that the most active online user group are the mobile device users.

For starters, 60% of users on mobile devices pay more attention to social media ads. This means your ads are more effective and more efficient when it’s catered towards mobile device users.

As if that’s not enough, 67% of users prefer mobile-friendly sites for purchases and 70% of searches using a mobile device leads to a direct business call. Clearly, mobile is where the opportunity is at, your business will have a difficult time sustaining itself if you let these enticing numbers pass you by!

Reason #5: Ads are Cheaper on Mobile

As a cherry on top, mobile ads are cheaper as well.

This may be due to the Google algorithm updates or probably due to smaller screens of mobile devices. Aside from being cost-friendly, mobile ads offer greater flexibility as you can place them in apps and you can easily decide between display advertising or mobile search advertising.

Considering the number of mobile users and their engagement, it’s a win-win situation for business owners and marketers as they can target those that are ready to convert with ads that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

What Are You Waiting For?

At this point, you probably realized that being mobile-friendly isn’t an advantage to your business. It’s a necessity.

It’s time to get to work and make your business mobile-friendly as soon as possible. Or else risk losing to the mobile-friendly competition altogether.

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