8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pay Per Click Management Expert

In the battle for marketing attention SEO and PPC are in constant competition with one another. As Google changes its algorithms, companies find themselves competing against moving goal posts. SEO can be a slow…

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8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pay Per Click Management Expert

In the battle for marketing attention SEO and PPC are in constant competition with one another. As Google changes its algorithms, companies find themselves competing against moving goal posts. SEO can be a slow process, and businesses in competitive industries may never be able to hold onto the number one ranking they desire. That’s why more money is funneled into PPC advertising.

If your company is committed to PPC or social media advertising, there are two ways to get it done. You can entrust the campaigns to someone in-house, or you can hire a PPC management company. In an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving PPC landscape, managing PPC campaigns in house becomes more and more difficult and time-consuming. Hiring a pay per click management company allows companies to focus on their core business objectives and leave online marketing to experts whose sole purpose is to bring positive ROI from their PPC campaigns.

However, even marketing veterans can make mistakes when they enter into a new market, or start selling a new product with PPC. It takes an expert PPC analyst to review every potential facet of your account, looking for ways to improve on the copy and the landing page.
If you’re new to PPC, you may be unaware that it will cost you less to hire an expert than it will to launch a campaign on your own.

Here are 8 reasons why you should hire a PPC management expert:

1. The Ability to Focus Exclusively on PPC Management

An in-house PPC manager has a multitude of responsibilities that are not associated with PPC. This differs in every company, but often in-house PPC managers wear many hats. Not only does a marketing manager run the company’s PPC account, they also hosts webinars, deal with payroll, and reports to management about employee productivity, among many other things. All of this takes the focus away from PPC. PPC needs constant attention if it is to be done correctly. PPC management companies have no responsibilities other than optimizing their accounts and employing the tricks of the trade.

2. Wrong Ad Copy Could Result in Low Conversion

One of the greatest strengths a PPC expert has is the ability to perform competitive research. PPC experts understand how to find good copy, they study your competition, and they form ads based on what they know works. That kind of copy isn’t something the amateur can do overnight, especially when every word means something.
The right copy can elevate your campaign’s click-through rate and net you more conversions. Do you really want to take a chance on writing the wrong copy? Bad copy that does not convey the right message, and is only trying to get you more traffic, may result in low conversion, meaning you just wasted lots of money.

3. Mastering the Keyword Research

Keyword research is crucial to your success, and it’s something PPC experts spend a lot of time on initially and throughout the PPC process. If you pick the wrong keywords you can quickly exhaust your budget and your campaign will have very poor returns.
There are free keyword tools, such as Google’s Keyword Tool, that anyone can use, but the better tools are usually the paid ones. Paid tools would give you a competitive advantage, but at a price. Some of these tools can cost upward of $100 monthly in addition to your other expenses. PPC experts don’t stop at one of these tools, either. They use multiple data points to form a more complete picture of the sales landscape.

4. Campaign Settings Can Be Confusing

There are several potential settings you must adjust in order to get optimum exposure for your campaigns. For example, geographic settings can help you target a specific part of the country. Should you target locally, statewide, nationally, or worldwide? Should you set up different ad groups for each? Should you opt-in to partner/affiliate networks and if so should you bid the same as the search network? If you choose the partner networks, should you filter out some specific sites? Without a clear understanding of these settings, and how they may benefit you, you might be paying too much for the same traffic that a similar marketer pays pennies on the dollar for. Without expert advice or some experience, you would never know.

5. Bid/Campaign Management Tools

Successful PPC marketing requires skilled and creative human marketers, but without great technology to aid them, PPC marketers are limited. Most PPC management agencies have PPC bid management tools to update client bids to target position 365 days a year, which means peace of mind for you. These tools are expensive and have a learning curve even for experienced PPC Marketers. The best PPC management companies tend to have the best technology in addition to experienced marketers. Technology for PPC campaign management aids with automation of bid management, rapid deployment of changes and new campaigns, and real-time analysis and updates.

6. The World of PPC is Always Changing

Where in-house PPC managers have a host of other responsibilities, PPC management companies can concentrate on the art of PPC. A large part of this is recognizing and working with global search trends and constantly keeping oneself updated. Agencies have time to dedicate to learning the nuances of the industry. Since there are always changes in AdWords and AdCenter, there must be time dedicated to learning about these changes and how they can affect an account.

7. Tracking Requires Technical Expertise

The foundation of any good PPC program is its ability to track not only sales, but where those sales are coming from. Good analysis can show you which placements and keywords are likely to bring you the most conversions.
In addition, tagging your campaigns allows you to see which ones are most effective. Tracking code installation requires at least some basic HTML knowledge, so if you have no such knowledge then you better leave this to the experts or you may have to pay your webmaster to install it for you. If you would like to track your leads/sales from phone calls, that would require additional set up and expertise.

8. Office Politics

There are no office politics to worry about at PPC agencies. We have our work to do and a budget to adhere to and it’s that simple. In-house managers often have to fight for resources. When it comes to manpower, it’s nice to know here at an agency that all these little things are a non-issue. Additionally, it is more difficult to convince a superior that more money needs to be put into PPC efforts than convincing a client. It’s the agency PPC manager job to tell the client how or where to spend money and if it is worth spending more whereas office politics can make it hard to ask a superior for more money for a “department.” In this sour economic time, we are sure all departments would like more money to operate. All of this discomfort can be avoided when working with an agency.


Unless you have some prior PPC experience yourself, then we do not recommend you to waste money on a tricky trial and error method and to not waste time with constant changes of the PPC world. Hire a PPC expert or an agency to handle things for you instead. If you choose your PPC agency well, it is cheaper yet more effective.

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